My Educational Philosophy


I believe that all children are born with a natural curiosity, and that people learn best in non-coerced, self-directed situations. I believe children should have the opportunity to choose which topics to learn and when, with encouragement from their parents, and without a curriculum. I believe the best learning occurs when the child is engaged and interested in a subject that they themselves choose to study. I don’t believe that true learning can ever be forced, and a child has to be developmentally ready to learn. Children master their most complex learning, walking, and language, without any forced instruction. It is important to trust children to learn.  



I facilitate intellectual exploration with resources like libraries, the internet and hands on crafts and experiments alongside every day educational opportunities such as cooking and shopping. We encourage daily reading on a range of media, including factual and fictional literature. I want my children to be allowed full enjoyment from books that interest them. They are offered a range of different technology and will be given the opportunity to explore technological creativity through programming and video making. Social exploration comes with activities such as library visits, travelling, and participating in local home education groups, the local community shop, Rainbows and the Woodcraft Folk. Family discussions occur autonomously, giving a forum to explore ideas, and a chance to introduce new potential interests.We believe there is a wealth of educational opportunity outdoors, and we enjoy exploring local nature reserves, beaches, foraging, forest school and geocaching.






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